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What To Look For In Search Of The Best Baby Stroller

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What To Look For In Search Of The Best Baby Stroller

Choosing the Best Baby Strollers

Baby strollers keep your precious cargo cozy, safe, and comfy as you go about your day. Carrying around a tiny baby or a heavy toddler makes for an extremely tiring and eventful day, and it is safe to say that’s not an event you want upcoming in your life. Choosing the best baby stroller alleviates that concern, giving you a seat with wheels for your baby that lets the little one ride in style as you guide them along and get things done.

Although there’s a plethora of important information needed to discern the best stroller from one not worthwhile, when all is said and done, choosing a stroller is simple, and very much worthwhile.

Types of Baby Strollers

Several stroller types exist, each model offering its own set of pros and cons. Reviewing each stroller type enables the selection of the most appropriate stroller for your needs. Types of strollers include:

Single Stroller:

The single stroller is the most commonly purchased type for newborns. There are several variations of the single stroller, each offering plenty of comfort and padding to keep baby snug and safe.

Check here for the best selection of single strollers available on Amazon

Umbrella Stroller:

The umbrella stroller is the lightest of the choices, but should be used with babies capable of supporting themselves. The best umbrella stroller is one with a good price, abundance of features, and a trustworthy brand name.

Check here for the budget friendly Umbrella Strollers on Amazon.

Double Baby Stroller:

If you’re the parent or caregiver of two babies, a double stroller provides double seating for double the fun when it is time to get life done.

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 Choosing The Best Baby Stroller

Dozens of brands, models, and styles of strollers are available in prices small and large. Each has its own set of qualities and features that make it worthwhile, so don’t purchase the first model that comes along assuming they’re one in the same. When choosing the best baby stroller, the following points are important to remember.

Five-Point Harness Safety System

A five-point harness system is standard in most baby strollers. The harness straps your baby securely in place with straps at or above baby’s shoulders, between the legs, and around the waist. The harness then snaps into place with a locking mechanism that prevents baby from sliding out of the stroller, or falling from it in event of the stroller tipping or a curious toddler attempting to climb out.

Age of Child

The age of your baby is the single-most important factor when selecting the best baby stroller. Newborn babies are unable to control their head and neck properly, thus need a reclining stroller that safely supports them.

Many strollers for newborns babies allow the infant carrier to snap into the stroller for ease-of-use. Once baby reaches about six months of age, the limitations on strollers dismantles, and you have a greater range of options.

Stroller Use

When you live in the city, a lightweight and compact stroller with folding capabilities helps you get around buses, subways, etc. easier than a bulkier stroller. Lightweight travel systems and umbrella strollers (for babies six months-up) are great for city-dwelling parents. The stroller of your choice should easily fold so that it fits underneath seats and inside the trunk or back seat of your automobile.

Stroller Features

Certain stroller features just make life easy, and so moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers prefer models with the additions. Cup and snack tray holders, a canopy to protect baby from the sunshine, one-hand operation. These additions are just a few of the many you’ll find equipped on many of the great strollers out there, so look for them when making your purchase.

Take a Test Stroll

All strollers include an owner’s manual that details proper usage of the unit.

However, technology now makes virtual test drives a reality, and a visit to many manufacturer websites reveals videos of strollers being assembled, in use, and in various situations. These virtual experiences alleviate the frustrations of stroller ownership while helping you find the best baby stroller for your liking.

Stroller Certifications

The best baby stroller will have certifications, so always look for them when on a quest to buy a stroller. A sticker placed somewhere on the stroller indicates the manufacturer has taken part in the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association, or JPMA. The JPMA tests several aspects of the stroller, including the restraint system, the brakes, stability and durability, dangerous parts, and more.

Additional Considerations

During your quest to find the best baby strollers, keep the following tidbits of information in mind to secure a phenomenal purchase:

The cost of the stroller is one of the first considerations for any parent. Set a budget before the search for the new stroller begins, keeping in mind that an umbrella stroller can cost as little as $20, while one of the bigger models can cost well into the hundreds of dollars. A little comparison shopping will help you find the best model stroller in your price range.

Is the stroller easy to fold- one handed? You’ll become a pro completing tasks one-handed. Ensure that stroller you select aids you in the simplicity of the task.

Is the stroller easy to use? Swivel wheels are important on a stroller, since they make maneuverability so much easier.

Is the stroller at an appropriate height for your comfort?

Does the stroller include a locking brake mechanism to keep the stroller in place when you stop?

Is there a storage compartment underneath the stroller? This comes in handy for diaper bags and other items when out and about with baby.

Is there a snack tray on the stroller? This is a convenient option that lets you easily carry baby’s bottle or cup, snacks, toys, etc.

What is the warranty length?

Top Best Baby Stroller Brands

When selecting the best baby stroller, the name attached is an important consideration. Some brands are known for creating top-of-the line products with an abundance of features, while others simply make a simple unit for transporting baby from point a to point b with ease. When you want both a great stroller and the best baby stroller, the following are the top brands sure to exceed your expectations.

Best Baby Stroller Brands

BOB Strollers

BOB, or Best of Burden, is a 13-year old company. The brand offers stylish, rugged strollers made for adventurers, no matter where that takes you in life. Many moms think this brand has one of the best double baby stroller choices money can buy.

Britax Strollers

Britax is rated the #1 safest technology company in the country, so choosing a Britax stroller gives you amazing peace of mind. The brand has several stroller models to cater to the needs of all parents.

Peg Perego Strollers

The Italian brand Peg Perego began selling baby accessories in 1949. Since this time, they’ve become a name that parents depend upon when they demand excellence.

The gorgeous strollers will exceed all your expectations while ensuring baby enjoys a smooth ride no matter where you’re traveling. Many parents agree that Peg Perego has one of the best single baby stroller models out there.

Maclaren Strollers

Maclaren is another top stroller name you can purchase with confidence. The company has strollers for newborn babies and up, with several collections available. Each Maclaren stroller is designed with style, quality, and safety in mind, and when you make this purchase, you’ll have a special comfort that doesn’t come with every stroller brand.

Chicco Strollers

The best double stroller comes from the Chicco brand. This brand has one of the best double stroller options out there, but they sell several other types of strollers, too. Choosing a Chicco stroller puts you in control.

Graco Strollers

Graco is a name that parents have trusted to provide them with outstanding baby products for generations. They have a stroller for every need and every budget, with their products always exceeding expectations so you have one less thing to worry about.

You will find the best single baby strollers, the best double baby strollers, the best umbrella strollers, and more when you shop with Graco!

Final Thoughts

You will do anything to protect your bundle of joy. Ensure that you give him or her the best to show just how special they are to you. Although choosing the best baby stroller might seem difficult, when you’re aware of the important qualities and the best brands, things become much easier, and you can find a great stroller quickly.

Use the above information to your advantage, and ensure that you’re taking care of baby in every possible way. The best baby stroller will make you both feel relieved.

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