Installing And Using Infant Car Seats: Quick Guide

infant car seats

Looking for a quick and easy-to-follow guide to installing and using infant car seats? This article is intended to get through that process very easily step-by step.

According to the NHTSA records car collisions and accidents are the leading cause of the death for of young children under the age of fourteen.

This, of course, is a tragedy that has triggered a lot of suffering and pain to the loved ones of this great kid that passed on due to ignorance and negligence on the paths of the parents and guardians.

However, this risk could be drastically reduced via the use of children’s car seats like infant car seats.

What are infant car seats?

An infant car seat is a type of car seat specifically designed to secure children the youngest of the young from death and injury during car accidents and collisions.

Most times these seats are bought and installed by the consumers, but sometimes manufacturers integrate them into their vehicle’s design and come with anchors to make certain that the seat belt is compatible.

Why are infant car seats used?

Infant car seats are used to ensure the safety of the children during a vehicle rides against unforeseen collisions that might take place on the road.

Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that some of these collisions and tragic road occurrences may be caused by our own inattentiveness, carelessness and/or distractions – from simple things like eating, drinking coffee (or anything), cell phone use etc while driving.

Others  on the other hand may be caused by fellow drivers with whom we are sharing the road suffering from the same driving ills and whom we have no control over at all.

That is why using children’s car seats every time you have a child on board can not be emphasized enough regardless of how short the ride may be.

An Infant car seat will help to guide and secure the head, neck, and legs of infants thus protecting them from anything that may happen as you drive.

What is the age range use of infant car seats?

As the name implies, the infant car seats are meant for new born babies that weigh 35 to 40 lbs and 30to 35 inches in height and appropriately fits babies in the first year.

How to install an infant car seat:

1-Read your car seat and motor vehicle manual to ensure you fully understand how the seat is installed. If you are having trouble understanding the installation manual, call the manufacturer’s help line to seek guidance and explain your issues to them.

2-Make use of the tether system if possible. Every motor vehicle and infant car seat made after 2002 must have and be compatible with the Lower Anchors and Tether for children aka Latch system. Some cars built around 1992 and 2002 also incorporate this system.

3-Latch system is created to ensure safer and easier car seat installation by attaching the car seats to the anchors that are permanently attached to your vehicle – as opposed to using seat belts to hold the car seat.

4-Make sure you contact some one that has done it before to assist you in the installation to avoid installing it incorrectly.


Suffice it to say that an infant car seat does a great job at protecting your little child in case of collisions or dangerous accidents.

However, you as the driver has the most significant and important role to play in ensuring that the seat matches your child in for proper use, properly installed, being a careful and responsible driver by observing the rules and regulations governing the act of driving so nothing happens to you or your child while you are on the road.

Safe Ride. Cheers!


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