Installing And Using A Car Seat Base: Protect Your Infant

Car Seat Base

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car seats are known to substantially reduce the probability of serious injuries in toddlers and infants riding in vehicles. Just as you click on your own seat belt to ensure your safety, you must at all times buckle your  baby into the right infant car seat with a matching car seat base for their size and age in order for them to be safe when driving with you.

In this article, we will help to show you how to properly and safely the car seat base.

So what is a car seat base?

A car seat base is typically used with the group 0+ car seats for infants.

Car seat bases are usually sold separately from the infant car seats and usually remains permanently fitted in the car.

However, there are a times when you will be able to find a infant car seat with a base sold together  – usually for a really decent price.

The car seat base ultimately allows you you to easily and effortlessly remove the infant car seat by simply clicking the infant car seat on and off the stabilizing base.

How is a car seat base used?

The car seat base is used to hold the car seat in place and make it stable in the car  thus protecting and securing kids in case of, god forbid, any car collisions or crashes occur while you are driving.

What is age range for using car seat bases?

Car seat bases are primarily used as a stable ‘base’ for infant car seats – which means that they are used for babies under the age of one year.

Installing the car seat base:

Though installing infant car seat bases is really simple and straight forward process, we have tried to break down the process for you in a easy to follow format outlining the steps:


1-Read through the car seat manual that comes with your infant car seat and car seat base as well as your motor vehicle instruction manual. Paying a significant amount of attention and focus on the write-up concerning the seat belt system, how to use and how to lock it. Every seat and car are entirely different, and this affects the way you install the seat.

2-Place the car seat in the rear seat of the car.

3-Gently thread the seat belt through the back facing belt path. Observe to make certain that there aren’t twists on the seat belt.

4-Buckle and lock the vehicle’s seat belt.

5-Firmly push down on the car seat base and securely tighten it. The car seat base should not wiggle or inappropriately move front to back or side to side more than an inch.

6-Make absolutely sure that the car seat base is correctly installed at the right recline angle

7-Your infant must ride seated semi-reclined to let the airway stay open.

8-Most of infant car seats have built-in adjusters or indicators to help you out.

9-As your baby grows, the previously set angle might need to be shifted or adjusted, so endeavor to read through the maker’s instructions to make necessary adjustments.

10-Then attach the infant car seat to the car seat base.

11-Attach the infant carrier to the base.


In conclusion, it is entirely wise to do anything to ensure the safety of your precious babies when you drive, as things can go left on the way and a car crash can occur. Using a car seat base to secure and protect your infant will give you added peace on mind as well as give your child an excellent chance of surviving in case something goes wrong while driving.

Safe travels!



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