How-To Guide To Booster Car Seat Installation And Use

booster car seat

The case for using strict usage and proper installation of booster car seat can not be emphasized any less now than ever.

Safety measures to ensure the safety of your precious kids ought to be put into serious consideration even more so than ever as every day the number of cars on the road increase drastically and chances of getting involved in an accident and/ or crash is very high.

Though the numbers of fatal car crashes and accidents have decreased drastically due to the use of seat belts and booster seats, thousands of car accidents still happen to result in the injuring and demise of loved ones and even kids. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) evaluates that at least three children are killed due to car crashes every day in the year 2013.

The issue is that the seat belts that are made to fit the adult in the car don’t fit and hold the average kid to ensure to a large degree his safety during travels or casual drives.

Having said that, kids who make use of booster seats to a great extent reduce their probability of sustaining an injury or even dying by up to 50 percent and this is because the booster seat like its name implies boosts your kid high enough to the vehicle’s seat belt position in order to fit him or her safely.

It’s wise to utilize a booster car seat, regardless of your state permits it because, in 2013, one hundred and seventy-two children were wounded in car accidents, and one thousand one hundred and forty-nine children passed away. It was discovered that most of these kids were not correctly restrained, meaning that a properly applied booster car seat would have averted a lot of deaths.

Why does my kid require a booster car seat?

-The fantastic booster car seat does a great job in protecting your kid in case of a car crash or accident.

-Your kid requires a booster car seat for the motor vehicle seat belt to fully fit and secure him or her in case of any emergency.

-It’s an added assurance that he will be safe and escape any injury that might have occurred if he didn’t use the booster car seat.

What is a booster car seat?

A booster seat is a type of car seat that as it name implies boosts the height of your kid so that the motor vehicle seat belt fits and properly secures him or her when you drive or traveling with them.

Some important things to remember before booster seat installation:

  1. -Do well to remember that the most secure place for every kid below the age of 13 years is in the back seat of the car.
  2. -Put the booster seat on the car seat, the moment your kid is seated, the seat will fasten the shoulder and lap belt around her.
  3. -Different models offer safety belt positioners to aid keep the shoulder part of the belt correctly positioned.
  4. -Use only the tether system or the LATCH to install the booster seat as allowed or recommended by the car seat manufacturer for that particular car.
  5. -Never put the shoulder belt at the back of the kid or under his or her arm.

What age is ideal for the booster car seat?

Your precious child is set and ready to use the booster seat the moment they grow past the weight and height limits of the Forward Facing Car Seats, and that is when they reach the weight of forty to sixty pounds.

How to install a booster car seat:

1-Go through the car seat manual’s instructions.

Though the general way for installing the booster car seat is quite similar for all types, every model is crafted a little bit more different and comes with specific instructions.

However, to ensure that you know exactly how your kid’s booster seat functions and how it is installed, endeavor to go through the manufacturer instructions and safety information provided with the booster car seat when purchased.

2-Put the booster car seat in the vehicle’s back seat and never in the front.

3-Utilize the guides and the clips to aid you in the positioning of the seat belt across the seats.

Go through the Seat’s manual to know how these are used.

4-Check the fitting of the booster car seat.

The moment you correctly install the booster seat have your baby sit in it while the car is in motion to make certain it has a perfect fit for him or her.

5-Adjust the vehicle’s seat belt if needed, take advantage of a shoulder /lap combination seat belt.

The lap part should lie on the kid’s torso and not his tummy, and the shoulder part must fit across his chest.

6-Always check the fit of the booster car seat on a regular basis.


In conclusion, please endeavor to protect your great kids with the booster car seat to avoid stories that touch, check for the best booster car seat on the market because the health and life of your young ones are more than relevant not just to you but the society as a whole.